Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day!

We live in South Carolina, and rarely do we have a snowfall event greater than a dusting each year. Actually, two weeks after Josie was born, she saw her first dusting (as much as a newborn bundled up in 10 layers of clothes can see a dusting).

Over the weekend, however, we got 5" of snowfall.....5"! Yes, I know that the Maryland family has had much more, but this was a big deal to us. The babies woke up from their naps on Friday and the snow was blanketing the ground. We played in it while it was coming down. Then, Saturday morning, we all woke up bright and early (well, we do this every day) and PLAYED IN THE SNOW! (Yes, we do have on our ski garb....we've been ski deprived this year (timing issues) and we figure at least wearing it to play in the snow we'll have gotten some use out of it. Plus, its easier than changing out of jeans 5 times cause they fell down.)
We played and played and played in the snow....with our toys and without.

Josie made 100 or so snow angels across our yard.

And Wes wanted to walk up and down the street listening to the snow crunch under his feet.

Josie loved eating the snow. We finally made her some snow cream so she wouldn't have to lick it up out of our yard, but she didn't like the snow cream as much as the "real stuff".

We had a great time playing in our "snowfall event". There's even a little still left on the ground, but its supposed to rain today, so I imagine this will be the last we see of it. We'll be sad to see it go, but hopefully we can get the babies to the North Carolina mountains one time this year for us to ski....I mean, them to play in the snow :)

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  1. In a "normal" year, even your Maryland family can appreciate a 5-inch snowfall. Just maybe not so much this year. :-)

    That first picture is beautiful. (As are the kids!!)