Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Baby Houston was baptized at church on Sunday. It was a glorious day! In addition to Houston's baptism, his father, Matt, and his uncle, Edwin also joined the church. Besides Wes yelling from the balcony, "Hey Matt" during the welcoming, I think everything went quite well.
Houston wore JoJo's father's Christening gown (Houston's great great grandfather). He was born in 1897, so we assume that the gown was 113 years old. How amazing, huh? None of us had any idea that JoJo even had the gown until she brought it out a couple of weeks ago.
Anyway, we stayed at the church afterwards and ate as a family (50 of us). What a feast we can prepare. After stuffing ourselves silly we all retreated to our own houses or for more visiting with family. What a GREAT start to a Sunday!

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  1. I was wondering whose christening gown it was! Wow!