Saturday, March 20, 2010

Zoo Days

Dave worked this weekend, so we packed up the crew and got out of the house. Jess, Erica & Houston, and Cindy & Tyler accompanied us to the zoo. This was the first day of Spring and it was BEAUTIFUL!!

After a quick cat nap in the stroller, Houston even enjoyed the animals.

It was a lot of work wrangling babies all morning, but it was fun to see the "older babies" actually enjoy the animals. Houston was by far the easiest, cause you didn't have to chase him around.

Tyler was our wanderer (I dont' have any pictures of him because he was constantly wandering...haha) and Josie and Wes just wanted to watch the animals forever. We had to literally drag them from exhibit to exhibit.

We were out of the zoo by lunchtime (when it started to get crowded). It was a GREAT day to be outside. We all probably could've been much more productive today (by working in the yard, etc.) but I think the trip to the zoo was much more fun!

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