Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Auction Photos by our Aspiring Photographer

This past weekend, our family spent the entire day at a local estate auction. We only intended to stay as long as the babies were being good (we thought we'd leave around 12 or 1...naptime), but they enjoyed themselves so much that we stayed all day.

Josie kept herself entertained by taking pictures (with my camera). I had 436 photos on my camera from this one event.

Every now and again, she would have me take a picture of her.

Daddy bought Wes a "blue pop pop" from the many many toys that were at the auction. It was the best money we spent all day.

I wanted to share with you a smattering of pictures that our photographer captured. She did get some rather good pictures of the action...the auctioneers selling.

Then, there were lots of pictures of random people. I think this was trying to capture the dog.
Next there were many many many photos of Dave and I. Some were making faces at the camera, and some were when we were totally not paying attention. Below is one of the better ones.

And there there were tons of photos of random cars, trucks, chair backs, bugs, rocks, barns, old farm never can tell with this girl.

We had an EXCELLENT time at the auction and didn't come home too loaded, although we did find some goodies. We purchased a split oak basket, rocking chair (I can't go to an estate auction without buying a rocking chair), old fabric, oil cans, and other random stuff. We are suckers for the antiques and enjoying family time at random locations.

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