Monday, July 19, 2010

Dance Camp

Josie attended the Little Princess Dance Camp last week at the local Dance Studio (where she will take classes this fall). She spent each morning this past week at the camp learning the basics of ballet, tap, and jazz. On Friday she had a little recital to show us what she had learned all week.

She started out stretching in her ballet points. She followed the instructor pretty well during this time. (She's in the black directly behind the teacher.)

But when we moved to tap, she froze. You can see the motion from the rest of the little children. Not from Josie. She was frozen in place. And didn't move any more the rest of the dance recital (unless it was to cling to the teacher).

I think its going to take a while for my little dancer to come out of her shell. The teacher claimed she LOVED it all week (and Josie had shown us most of her dance moves at home). But I guess she decided the recital part wasn't for her. I can't get all that mad at her. I've played the piano myself for 20 years, yet, I'll only play in front a select few people (and they even have to pretend like they're not listening).

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