Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ear Piercing

Josie has been begging to get her ears pierced. Apparently, one of her friends at school has her ears pierced and after watching her friend wear earrings for the first half of the school year, Josie decided that's something she'd like to have also.

So, after working up my courage (not hers), I force myself to the local mall. Josie sat very patiently waiting on the paperwork. She picked out some pink flowers (duh) that she wanted. (Wes was with us and picked out blue flowers for his ears, but that's a different story.)

When the time came for the actual piercing, she sat very straight and very still.....

And when it was over she didn't say a word. No crying. No whining. Just shocked. And then jumped out of the chair and said, "I didn't cry." HA! I didn't even coach her. We had hardly talked about the "hurting" part of piercing the ears other than telling her it'd be a little sting.

So far, the cleaning of the earrings has been really easy too. I clean them at night and in the morning and she turns them around 3 times a day. I was fretting over nothing. The earrings look super cute and I'm honestly glad we got them done.

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