Monday, January 3, 2011


The day after Christmas, we had a good little snowfall! Its probably as close as we'll ever get to see an actual White Christmas.

Josie and Wes took their prized toys from Christmas (a baby doll and an orange tractor) into the weather to play!

Wes even got into the snowball action!

Josie's favorite thing to do was to make snow angels because according to her, "She is an angel." I won't comment on this. HA!

Daddy helped the kiddies build a snowman (which pretty much took all the snow in the front yard).

And then used it as a shield in his snowball fight with the

We had a good little snow last year, and this was a pretty significant one this year (in the deep south, we classify a significant snow as anything we can go outside and play in). Its been nice to have a couple of snows a year for the babies to enjoy. This snow made us all want to go skiing! Plans are underway.

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