Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Addition

Welcome to Our Family...Bags Frick.

Bags was discarded near Grandma's house about 3 weeks ago and he was so sweet that we all immediately fell in love.  He was filthy dirty, skin and bones, and had fleas all over him (hence the name...(Flea) Bags), but we have since cleaned him up and fed him really well and he's ours forever (or as long as he'll have us).  Josie is absolutely SMITTEN with her new baby and actually has been doing a lot to take care of him...making sure he has food and water.  Since Cotton's disappearance from home (he had a vaccine induced sarcoma, so we're pretty sure he ran away to "do his thing" if you know what I mean), we've had a void, but we were waiting for just the right timing...and then along comes Bags.  So far, he's fit in quite well, and we love him very much.

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