Friday, December 30, 2011

He's here!!!!

What better birthday could you have, than to share it with our Lord Jesus Christ!  That's right, Emmett Scott Moore was born on CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!  We gave the new parents a day to rest, and then we made the journey to their town to visit with them all.  

And man he was absolutely beautiful, just as one would expect. We all took turns holding and loving on him....

Even Wes....

And we took outrageous amounts of pictures...but who wouldn't...cause again, he's stinking beautiful.

It was all we could do to leave him at the hospital with his parents :)  But we figured we'd be back in no time to love on him some more.

Congratulations Nik and Eric.  Welcome to the wild world of parenthood.  May it teach you as much as it has taught us...humility, service, and love.

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