Monday, January 30, 2012

Ice Skating

This past weekend, Jess asked all of us to join her at the ice skating rink.  The local rink was sponsoring her school's Jump Rope for the Heart team, with all proceeds of the days admissions going to the Jump Rope team.  

So, we thought ice skating might be fun for the kids. 

And boy did they love every single minute of it.

Erica, Jess, Dave, and the kids skated, while I watched on the sidelines with my camera.

Josie learned really quickly and actually skated fast, which is why I didn't get many pictures of her (they were all blurry).

But Wes, as typical, was very cautious and skated very slowly (actually he kinda just jumped on his skates the whole time while the adult kept trying to keep him from falling).

But overall, it was a lots of fun, and supported a great cause.  The kids are already asking when they can go back.

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