Monday, April 2, 2012

Egg Hunt!

Saturday at church we had an Easter Egg Hunt.  But first, we drew pictures on the sidewalk to represent our sin.  Like this sidewalk chalk, our sin can't be erased by our own requires God's grace.  Hopefully some time between now and Easter it will rain and the children will see the sidewalk chalk washed away...much like Jesus's death and resurrection washes away all of our sins.  

After the lesson, it was time for the hunt.  Josie and Wes have done this a couple of times school and at BobBob's house, so they understood what to do.

And of course they had to compare their findings...because after all, its always more fun to show up your brother/sister, right?

They had a great time and its always wonderful for them to get together with other children to learn all about our God.

We are gearing up this week for Easter!

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