Thursday, April 12, 2012


Its April, so that means its time for our annual strawberry picking trip.  And this year, we had just as much fun as any other.  

Neither of the kids eat strawberries, but I did bribe them with a trip to Chick Fil A (which we were gonna do anyway) if they ate one.  Surprise, surprise, they DO like strawberries :)

BobBob and JoJo went with us, but after JoJo's big fall 2 weeks ago, she's not able to get around 'quite like she'd like' so she watched from the instructions as to which ones the kids should pick.

We were able to pick 7 gallon buckets in 30 minutes (and by we, I mean BobBob and I) and they are beautiful!!  We can't wait to decide what we want to make...jam, strawberry salsa, syrup...the possibilities are endless.

But most of all, we fulfilled a yearly tradition...the ladies of the family taking the kids to pick strawberries on a beautiful spring day in SC.  I'm not sure it gets any better than that.  

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