Thursday, October 4, 2012

Football Season

Its football season again!!  And we're ready and excited to cheer on our tigers!  We've taken the kids to the first two home games at Clemson, but we won't go back again until the NC State game in November.

At the games the kids love to play catch while we tailgate!

Of course, they (and by they, I mean Wes) like to play tractors at the tailgate too.  Tractors and Clemson...they go together, right?

Thankfully the Tigers won the two games we went to see (it was Ball State and Furman after all).  Good thing since they didn't do so well the next weekend at FSU.  Either way, we'll always enjoy dressing up for game day and cheering on our Tigers (or playing tractors on the cooler while Mom and Dad cheer on the Tigers).

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