Saturday, October 20, 2012

Playing Games

After a recent family wedding, where Aunt CaCa played photographer all night, Houston got to come spend the night at our house (for the first time!!!).  We were so excited!  Houston hasn't always been the best at spending the night away from home, so we've waited patiently until we felt the time was right for him to come party with us.  So, when CaCa had to work late at the wedding, we jumped on the opportunity.  

After partying at the wedding until late into the night (you know, 9:00), we took all 3 kids home and put them all to bed (together).  Houston was so excited.....well, that is, until he got all tucked in and looked at me with pitiful eyes and said, "I'm ready to go home."  But after lots of book reading and drinking his 'choch' (chocolate milk) he was finally consoled (or so exhausted he gave up).

But the next morning, the three musketeers popped up ready to play!  And play they did....they jumped from the fishing game to tractors to babydolls.  I think they had a great time sleeping together...and when Houston is asked if he wants to come spend the night again, he doesn't immediately say no!  Love that kiddo!

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