Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tooth Fairy Visit

We've been visited by the famous tooth fairy!!  TWICE!!  Josie has been wiggling a tooth for about a month now (and even before that she was willing them lose).  FINALLY, at Andrea and Jason's wedding of all places, she lost her very first tooth.  It rolled out on the bathroom floor while she was taking a potty break.  

So, after a long night of partying at the wedding, the tooth was carefully placed under her pillow in much anticipation.  Of course, since we were at the wedding, lots of people were telling her how much the tooth fairy ought to give her...we really appreciate that, and will TOTALLY remember it when their kids lose teeth!

But the tooth fairy did come....and left her 'five monies' as she says.  Yep, 5 $1 bills for that first tooth.  The tooth fairy must've though that first one was special.  The money was immediately put into her piggy bank (she's a saver, not a spender).

So, now we have a snaggletoothed kid...the cutest snaggletoothed kid I've ever seen, if you ask me.

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