Monday, September 12, 2011

Football Season Arrives Again

We've been taking the kids to football games since they were tiny peanuts in mommy's belly.  So, once again on Saturday, we packed up the car and headed northwest to Tiger Town!!  

Before the game, the kiddos threw the football around with Daddy.  This next picture is actually Wes telling me to get out of the playing area (I had stepped in to get an action shot).

We took them to the Wofford game thinking it'd be ok if we had to leave at halftime because surely the Tigers would be way up on our opponent, but not so much...we had to stay to the end of the game to make sure we one.  Whew.

Either way, its a joy to see all of the orange when we roll into town.  The kids love the tailgating, the game, and the whole atmosphere.  Thank goodness, cause I hope we get to keep going for many many more years to come :)

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